Why don’t we talk about this show more??


Why don’t we talk about this show more??

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all clothes should be like $1

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Normani peeling a banana for Camila

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Every time I think I’m done with the sprouse bros they pull me back in

One is never done with the Sprouse boys

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"To you it looks emotionally draining, but I don’t get emotionally drained, because I don’t invest any of my real emotions. I don’t take any of my characters’ pain home with me, I don’t even take it to craft services. I’ve never been through anything that my characters have been through. And I can’t go around looking for roles that are exactly like my life. So I just use my imagination. If it ever came down to the point where, to make a part better, I had to lose a little bit of my sanity, I wouldn’t do it. I would just do comedies.”

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marvel movies that need to be made, stat.

i love you

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Demi’s speech before singing My Love Is Like A Star.

Demi World Tour Diaries // Orlando, FL.

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